Websites for top notch IT executives


Besides useful information for regular tech partisans, this well known site also has unequalled knowledge base for ace C-level IT professionals like CEOs, CFOs, COOs etc. The CXO section of the site contains up to date articles about latest trends, news and R & D going on in the industry. This section is of utmost help for corporate executives who like to stay ahead of others in today’s cut throat competition. For common tech enthusiasts the site has separate sections for Apple, Microsoft and Google with some really useful information.


Those who have been associated with the IT industry since some time would surely know about the ‘big’ computer world magazine which has been the most reliable resource about the news and information about the IT industry. is the online version of the magazine. The topics covered by computer world span over a wide range in categories like software, security, servers, data, Operating systems, storage etc. The casual gadget users and tech partisans also have something in there for them like the review section, tips and tricks, how tos etc.

3. Itworld

ItWorld is yet another interesting stoppage for hard core IT professionals looking for news on what’s happening in the IT domain currently. A great resource for the latest news about technology, technology shifts, business ventures, acquisitions, Future projects and Vendor released info etc. With a long list of topics like Business Analytics, Cloud Computing, Data Center, CRM, ERP, Hardware, Open source and much more ITWorld is undoubtedly one of the most useful information sources. It has a special dedicated section for its readers to ask questions about their problems and get benefitted by getting the solution.


Abbreviated as TNW, is an independent tech blog that caters technology related content to its users. Updated on regular basis, TNW covers whole lot of topics useful for average tech enthusiast as well as any IT professional and even for entrepreneurs in making. The authors of articles on TNW have themselves made their mark in their respective fields of technology, hence the reader actually get to read the expert advice and analysis on TNW. A lot of the articles on TNW target audience who themselves are planning or are in process of starting their own ventures like websites or applications. This site is a must read for people aspiring to make their mark in the web space.