2 super cool Email organizers


E-mailing is undoubtedly the most convenient form of official conversation these days but a clogged inbox is a headache for every user. Mailbird is a cool app that will help you zip through your over clotted inbox through its simple and intuitive interface. The Free version of mailbird provides the basic options of the app and allows upto three accounts to be organized. MailBird’s USP is its simple and user friendly interface. Mailbird boasts that its UI is fully minimized, simple and beautiful. Open sourced apps can be integrated to enhance the experience even further.

Alto Mail

AOL’s Alto Mail is another email organizer and organizes your inbox into logical groups of stacks of mails. The rules or filter used for creating these stacks is customizable and can be set by the user. It has an awesome looking interface and inspite of being a beta edition it works with major email services like AOL mail, Gmail and Yahoo mail. Altomail is currently in beta and is free for all and right now it is an invitation-only service but interested readers can request an invitation from AOL’s official site.