Knowledge hubs on Youtube


TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a well known nonprofit organization devoted to spread ideas in the form of talks and conferences. TED organizes global events with the aim of spreading knowledge. TED-ED is the internet extension of these events. TED-ed has huge collection of knowledge filled top class videos being shared under the tag line “lessons worth sharing”. The range of topics on which video lessons are available is just unbelievable.

Official site :

Youtube channel: /user/TEDEducation


Vsauce is one of its kind channel on youtube which aims to explore the unexplored and think out of the box in various disciplines like science, gaming, nature, technology, space, human beahviour etc. Some of the questions that you’ll find answered are What if the earth stopped spinning?why is there a moon?how many photos have been taken?why do we clap?why do we get bored?  And so on and on.

Youtube channel: /user/vsause

Minute Physics

Minute physics is an informative channel that tries to explain physics concepts to its viewers within a minute in a simplistic way. The videos of this channel deals with physics concepts that we deal in our daily life as well as well as concepts relating to quantum physics, space, relativity etc. Some of the videos uploaded on this channel are - how do bikes stay up? how to see without glasses? Is it better to walk or run in rain? What is gravity? How to break the speed of light?

Youtube channel : /user/minutephysics