Guide your child's first take on computers

1. Lego Digital designer

This virtual building blocks game boosts the imagination power, creativity and hand-eye coordination of your child. Children are at freedom to build whatever they can imagine using hundreds of available blocks. Interesting games are also available to make the process even more occupying. Parents can also be a part of their kids’ learning process by creating guides for them to achieve a particular design. The designs created by children can be shared with other members of the site.

2. Rapidtyping 5

In today’s computer era fluent and flawless typing is an essential skill. makes the process of learning how to type interesting for children. Besides various typing courses based on different skill levels - beginners, experienced, advanced - rapidtyping also has a number of sections which saves the learning from getting monotonous. Fun sections like typing games, typing champions, online typing tests, typing techniques sections will encourage your child to keep going. The tool provides the progress reports of your child from time to time and also indicates the areas which need to be taken care of.

3. Scratch (

Scratch is a visual programming language especially designed for children to learn the basics of programming. Designed by the lifelong kindergarten group at MIT media labs, scratch allows children to express their creativity by programming their own interactive stories, games and animations. These small animation projects help children to master the basics of programming like conditional statements, loops etc. and at the same time enhance their analytical thinking. Children can share their creations with other members of the community and also learn from the work of other members.

4. Zoodles

This online zone designed for children is a fun and educative tool for your child to explore. To use this tool on PC a prerequisite is to install Adobe Air. Once the profile of your child is active zoodles will curate a list of education material and activities based on the age group of the child. The content includes educational videos, paint, sketch and fun games. Children will also be involved in activites that will increase their reasoning, creativity, mental strength, hand-eye coordination etc. Parents have the liberty to decide which subject and what activities should be given more emphasis by their kid.


If the feature rich MS office seems a bit baffling for your child to start with OOo4kids is the best productivity suite. Based on the openoffice software, this suite by non-profit EducOOo, comprises of a word processor, drawing tool, a presentation tool and a spreadsheet. This suite mainly targets children of age 7 to 12 and thus has a very simplistic interface with no clutters of features buttons and confusing jargons. In shirt this suite is a perfect place for your child to start with learning office.