Some unique social yet private networks


This privacy-centric social platform claims of making privacy the foundation of social network. It boasts to be the place where members can be themselves, authentic and uncensored with no cookies, no spying, no tracking, no scraping and no data sharing. This feature rich social network lets the user decide the privacy settings of the posts and gives the users full power to decide the access levels to their data.


This private social network with a tagline of “Designed by parents, for Parents” is mainly designed with a purpose of sharing the precious moments of a new born and toddlers in the family. The first words of the baby, the first step of baby’s life, the smile, the laugh all these moments can be shared within the family through snaps and videos. Posts can be kept private to your spouse only as well. can be accessed through web browser also.


Squarehub is a private Social network designed only for family members. This mobile app based private network requires that the app should be installed on mobiles of all the family members who want to be part of the ‘hub’. Like any other social network members can post photos, send private messages, comment, organize picnics, schedule events, and share moments with the family members.


This online scrapbook lets you save the invaluable artwork, school work, birthday pics, vacations, competitions and holiday moments of your kids forever. Scrapbooks can be filled with photographs, voice notes and videos too. The photographs can be tagged with the time and place. The scrapbook can be shared via twitter or facebook. It can also be shared with relatives by adding them in the application.