5 Tricks to protect your Android phone

using Google account

If your phone uses Android 2.2 or later than you can track and manage your device using your Google account. All you need to do is go to Google Settings among all the apps. It is denoted by a gear symbol. In Google Settings go to “Android device manager”, here you will find features that let you locate your device in case it is lost. Also there are features that will allow you to lock your phone or factory reset your phone remotely. Once you have done this you can log on to the Android Device Manager website (www.google.com/android/devicemanager) using your Google account and can control your device remotely.

Lockwatch Anti-theft

Lockwatch is a great app that runs in the background on your phone and clicks a photo of anyone who tries to break into your phone using the wrong code. Lockwatch uses the front camera of the phone to click snap of the thief. This is not all; the app emails the snap of the thief along with the GPS location of the phone to you. This will be of great help for you to get hold of the intruder and get your phone back.

Prey Anti Theft

This is another great tool to protect your phone from theft and get hold of the thief. This tool can do a lot of good stuff like locating the phone through GPS and also controlling the phone remotely. The tool can be used to lock the handset remotely, sound an alarm, take a picture of the thief and can also wipe your confidential data from the phone. The best part is that in case there is no internet access you can also send an SMS to control your phone.


Hackers are always looking for unprotected smartphones. Don’t let your phone become their prey. It is highly recommended to use anti-virus to protect your phone against malicious programs and breaches. Free versions of Antivirus Security by AVG Mobile, Norton security anti-virus or Mobile security & anti-virus by Avast software can be used to get your phone protected to a large extent. But one should take care that only one anti-virus runs on the device at a time. These tools are good enough to protect your phone from vicious apps and rogue websites. Also these can also be used to track your phone in case it is stolen or lost.

Necessary Precautions

Here are some of the precautionary steps that you should take to secure your phone • Always have a good look at the permissions that an app seeks before installation. The permissions should be justified and access to contacts and other confidential data should be given to those apps that are trustworthy and actually need that access to work. • Install only those apps that have a good user rating. In case you are installing an app that is new and has less user reviews then try to be over cautious and keep a regular track of the app. • Do not download e-mail attachments on your phone from unknown contacts. • Always keep you screen locked by using a PIN or Password.