Best Online IPad & IPhone Simulators
A nice little online utility which allows the users to test how their web pages will look in ipad and iphone. Three different versions of ipad and iphone are available and the option to flip the device is also available. The user interface is quite easy to use and the buttons for the three versions and the flip button is visible right in front of the page and above the simulator making it easy to use.
By far the best in the list this ipad simulator by Alex Volkov is a cool utility. Unlike others it is not just a tool to test your web pages. It is actually a simulator which tries to mimic the ipad as a whole. Right from the beginning where you are required to swipe to get in you tend to get the feel of actual iPad. There are some apps like Google maps, clock, weather also installed which also gives feel of working of ipad.
This free online tool was created by SFusion. This is again a tool to have a look at webpages in ipad. The look and feel of the browser is quite nice. Also a qwerty keyboard appears when you start typing in the address bar of the browser which gives a nice original device like feel. The simulator can be rotated by clicking on the top boundary of the simulator. On top of the webpage are the links of other simulators like iphone, Android , Blackberry.
This is the iphone-simulator from SFusion. Like the ipad-simulator mentioned previously - from SFusion this iphone-emulator also have a nice look and feel and can be used to have a look at web-pages.