Top 5 Apps for foodies

Food on the table

Food on the table is an awesome service that can help you keep your food budget in control. It analyzes which store in your area will help you save the most money and also helps you plan your meals accordingly. Food on the table can even suggest you recipes considering your eating preferences and the store you have chosen to visit. It can also be used to generate printable grocery lists.

Evernote Food

This iOS and Android app allows you to make notes of the food you like at a restaurant. Sounds weird but how many times we try to remember the details of some food item we had sometime somewhere which we would like to have again or prepare at home but fail to remember the exact details. Evernote Food is a kind of food scrapbook in your phone where you can jot down your favorite items details like places, recipes, photos and ingredients. Evernote Food’s notes sync online automatically so that you can view them from your computer or other device.


Ness an iOS app can prove out to so assisting at times when you want to eat out and can’t decide which restaurant will be best suited for you. Ness suggests you a nearby restaurant considering your mood and the time of the day. As you start using Ness more and more it records and saves eating history, your likes and dislikes and eventually gives you best suited suggestions for you. Edit - Recently Ness was acquired by OpenTable - Listed Next.


OpenTable website and app can be used to look for places to eat near you and their available seating. You can also make reservations at the joint of your choice through OpenTable. It also has a collection of user reviews , ratings and menu descriptions. The only glitch is that eating joints near you should support OpenTable and share their realtime data with OpenTable for it to be able provide you with sound service.


I haven’t met a person who has never faced the situation of confusion and dilemma while shopping at the grocery store and deciding between two similar items. Consmr is a service that can ease up such situations to a large extent. This website and iPhone app can offers instant user reviews of specific grocery items. All one need to do is scan the barcode or search by name of the product and consmr will present in front of you the reviews of other people who have used that product. It can also suggest you with alternative product of same kind that other users have found more useful.