10 cool karaoke apps for budding singers

1. Red Karaoke Sing and record

With a database of thousands of free karaoke tracks, Red Karaoke is one the most popular karaoke apps. This free Android, iOS and Windows app lets you record your voice as well as video. The lyrics of the song are displayed on the screen to assist you while singing.

2. SingPlay

With Singplay app there is no need to download separate karaoke tracks from the internet. It will convert the original mp3 songs present on your smart phone into karaoke tracks. It gives you the facility to sing with or without the voice of the original singer. You can record your voice over karaoke tracks of your favorite songs and then share the recording with your friends.

3. Karaoke sing and Record (yokee)

Yokee is a free app for Android and iOS that lets you choose the karaoke track from Youtube. Once you have chosen the song you can sing along with it and record your performance. With Yokee you can also add some cool effects like echo and reverb to your voice.

4. Star Maker

Star maker surely lives up to its name. It lets you choose from a huge list of songs and then you can not only record your voice but also record your video while singing. It not only prompts the lyrics of the song on the screen but also assist you in hitting the correct notes through its real-time-auto-tune technology.

5. Karaoke Mode

This app lets its users to add thousands of karaoke tracks in many languages for free. These karaoke tracks can be accessible at any time. Users can sing along with the karaoke track and can then save their performance on their phone and can listen to the recording later.

6 Karaoke Anywhere

This app comes with tons of free streaming songs by popular artists. Apart from the free songs, individual songs can also be purchased from a library of over 40k songs. Your existing karaoke files can also be imported into the application. Karaoke anywhere provides real high quality backing tracks.

7. Mini Karaoke

This free app is an offline karaoke application. That is you need not have an internet connection to enjoy karaoke anymore. This app will create karaoke tracks from the mp3 files present on your phone. The app works on the technology of vocal removal which removes the vocals from the original song without affecting the rest of the music of the song.

8. Midifun karaoke

Midifun is a multimedia application for your phone. It lets you sing along the backing tracks of your favorite songs. The karaoke tracks are MIDI files but the best part is that it is an offline application. On installing this app the user automatically gets hundreds of MIDI karaoke tracks and we no longer have to worry about the internet connection.

9. TuneWiki

This is not exactly a karaoke app but can help you a lot to sing along with your favorite song as it lets you listen to any music with its lyrics scrolling simultaneously. With this app you can also translate the lyrics into 40+ languages. It also lets you share the lyrics with your friends.

10. PocketSing

This is an iOS singing app which is mainly designed to assist you while singing along with the original song. Currently the app does not remove the vocals of the song but displays the lyrics of the song on the screen. The app also let you add some cool vocal effects to your voice.