5 Free Tools that take care of your PC’s health

Auslogics Disk Defrag

Regular addition and deletion of files leave your hard disk loaded with stray file fragments which are of no use but occupy memory and over time slows down your system. To gain better performance it’s very important that you get rid of these fragments from your hard disk. Auslogics disk defrag is a great tool to accomplish this. With Disk defrag one can continue to work on the system while the disk is being defragmented. Also it places the system files in such a manner that the access time of these files is the lowest.

Orion File Recovery

Even after deleting a file from our hard disk permanently, it resides on the disk as long as some other file does not overwrite it. Only the references to file are deleted. This fact can be used to recover any data that we have deleted accidently and now want it back. Orion File Recovery is the software to do this. It can scan your hard disk, flash drive or memory card and look up for the file and recovers it. It can also be used to actually delete the file.


On a bad day when you have faced a system crash and now need to talk to a service engineer, things can get even worse if you engineer asks you about some particular configuration of your system and you just don’t know that. To avoid embarrassment in such situations it’s wise to be ready with a detailed list of all the devices and components on your PC. PC-Wizard does exactly that for you. It scans your machine and makes a list of all the components of the system and saves it in different formats.

Revo uninstaller

Some incompetently or maliciously designed never get uninstalled properly through the inbuilt uninstaller in Windows. They leave behind their traces in form of residual folders and harmful files. For such programs we need utilities like Revo Uninstaller. It is capable of removing all such traces of uninstalled programs. Not only this Revo is a package of eight tools which can delete junk files, control startup programs, clean unwanted files and other tasks that will help keep your PC healthy.


Fbackup is a cool utility for those who find that Windows backup and recovery system a bit tedious. Fbackup is a far more spontaneous backup and recovery system and needs just a few clicks to initiate the process. By installing some free plug-ins this utility can be made even more powerful and can be used to copy program data to be restored to the same state after recovery.