Computer Security: 4 Free essential Tools to secure your computer

Introduction :

In today's world of information technology where so many malicious programs, trojans and viruses doing rounds of the internet, one must be on the toes to keep his/her computer system safe and free from unwanted malwares. Such malicious programs an get an entry into our computer system through various sources like emails from unknown sources, using flash drives in unsafe computer systems, downloading software from untrustworthy sites. No matter how much attention we pay to safety measures, the fact is that our system will somehow get infected. In this case the programs that we list below will play an important role in cleaning your comuter and will also help you stay safe in fututre.

Malware Bytes

Computer Security:Essential tools - Malwarebytes

In today’s world of internet it is very difficult to stay untouched by malware which can harm your computer in a vast range - from just slowing it down to steal your bank password. Hence it’s essential to safeguard your pc from such malware.

Malwarebytes’ anti-malware is a popular and trusted utility for this purpose. With a vast and regularly updated database this application is a good remedy to sorts of malware. All you need to remember is to update it regularly.


Computer Security:Essential tools - CCleaner

It’s a good practice to get rid of the temporary files of the system as it might not just slow down your pc but might also contain Malware spying on your activities and data. CCleaner is a great tool to remove this crap. CCleaner can be used for various maintenance tasks like repairing the system registry, scanning the hard disk for unwanted stray files and remove them, clear internet history, cookies and temp files from all your browsers and thus enhancing the performance of your system manifolds.


Keeping your software updated is a must for better performance as well as security reasons. SecuniaPSI is the utility you need if you know how important it is to keep your software updated but are too lazy or busy to do it manually.

Computer Security:Essential tools - Secunia

SecuniaPSI can scan your system to create a list of all the device drivers and software and also indicate which of them needs to be updated. It can notify you when Windows security updates are available. It can also be configured to install these updates automatically.


Computer Security:Essential tools - Whocrashed

System Crash is always irksome but more annoying is to reach the root cause of the crash as it can be due to a malware which is a threat to the system. WhoCrashed can help you a lot in this root cause analysis. After each crash WhoCrashed goes through the log files and queries the device drivers accordingly. This process will let WhoCrashed reach a conclusion about the cause of the crash. Majority of times WhoCrashed is able to conclude to the exact root cause but rest of times it will at least get you to the correct route for further investigation.

Conclusion :

It is advised that users make it a habit to use the software listed above so that they manage to stay safe from malwares, spywares and other malicious peice of codes. Apart from computer safety, internet security is also a major aspect for netizens and computer world.