5 Cool tools to keep your music organized


It’s a music player that organizes your music cleanly. It keeps a track of the music folders and automatically updates individual playlists accordingly. You can also download track info and update it directly through Clementine.

Clementine is capable of playing streaming music from the web and also your own music you have stored in sites like Google Drive, skydrive, Box, Dropbox etc. That’s not all, this tool has inbuilt internet radio stations of its own. Clementine has an Android App of its own called Clementine Remote which can be used to control the player remotely over a Wi-Fi connection.

Kastorsoft downloader

Here’s a tool that can be used to download videos from popular video uploading sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Metacafe. Besides downloading it can be configured to convert the video into a desired format while downloading itself.

There is a preview pane which lets you watch the video even while its getting downloaded. Kastorsoft can handle multiple video downloads simultaneously and allow you to keep adding videos to the queue while the downloading is in progress.

Free Audio extractor

This tool lets you extract the audio from the video of your choice. You can choose the bit rate of the audio and whether it should be mono or stereo. You are allowed to extract audio from a portion of the video by selecting that portion from a visual timeline. A number of formats are supported by FAE – FLV, MP4, AVI, WMV, ASF and MOV. The audio can be saved in formats like – MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV or FLAC.


Streamwiter is an awesome tool to record or download songs directly from the radio. It is capable of recording multiple songs simultaneously from more than one radio stations. It can record a song from a radio station while you are listening to some other radio station. The songs recorded can be saved in the MP3 or AAC format.

The user can schedule the download or recording just by adding the song name to download list. Streamwriter will start the download as soon as it detects that some radio station is playing that song.


Tomahawk is a great tool that can combine your musical network and online streaming. With this tool you can search popular social networks like SoundCloud, Last.fm, and official.fm and can also listen to the tunes of your choice. With Tomahawk you can also invite your friends and share each other’s collections via Google talk or jabber. By tracking the “Charts” and “New Releases” sections you can keep yourself updated about the latest music around. It lets you browse the albums on sites like Billboard, Hype machine, spotify, Ex.fm etc.