Awesome tools to organize & spice up your office Docs


If your business requires you to create and maintain numerous official docs then it isn’t necessary to tell you what pain in neck organizing these documents in a productive manner is. Evernote is a service that can help you get all your notes, audio files, presentations, to-do lists, spreadsheets, images, webpages etc. well organized. All your data will be sharable and searchable and can also be tagges and annotated. There are a number of Evernote applications and programs you can make use of. Also if you wish to club Evernote with its online services it becomes even more productive as now your documents are accessible from anywhere around the globe.


If sometimes you find yourself stuck in a situation where your system does not have Microsoft Office and also the cloud services are unaffordable or you just want to explore a free alternative to Microsoft Office then LibreOffice will be the savior. LibreOffice is a free application and has a lot of features of Microsoft Office though you might not find the interface very imposing. It has full-featured support for word processing, spreadsheets, slideshows, databases and 3D rendering and diagrams.


Prezi is an awesome tool to spice up your presentations with minimum efforts. It lets you add eye-catching effects to your PowerPoint slideshows. The slideshows are mixed with a whiteboard by Prezi and its transformation tool lets you edit the images, text, shapes, graphs etc. added to the canvas. The final result is a more interactive slideshow presentation which promises to be more result oriented than the otherwise boring slideshow. is like a blended online business card which fetches information from all the social networking profiles of the user and uses this information to create a static page which can be thought of as a super profile. This super profile contains user’s biography, contact information and links to social profiles from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. In other words people can use profile of user to know the various ways in which they can reach him.


For years Google’s RSS reader ruled the hearts of internet fraternity interested in reading feeds. After Google’s decision of discontinuing this RSS service netizens were in search of an alternative to this service. Thanks to Feedly which not only provides an alternative to Reader but also take things a step further. Feedly can not only import user’s Reader feeds and let the user read his subscriptions but it also integrates Facebook and Twitter with RSS feeds which was a missing feature in Reader. Feedly again outstrips Reader in mobile domain as it has both Android and iOS apps. Also Feedly makes the interface very soothing and customizable for the ease of the readers.


This is a browser based photo editor that let the users make complex edits to their images. Though PicMonkey does not support a lot of complex features as compared to Pixlr which is full-featured browser based photo editor, but it scores over Pixlr in terms of interface. PicMonkey has a rather simple and streamlined interface and is well suited for those who prefer to stay away from more geeky and technical stuff and want to keep things simple. PicMonkey is good enough for adding simple Instagram type effects to the images.


ThisLife is a cool application which lets you combine your photographs from multiple social networking sites and also your local hard disk. Using ThisLife users can take photographs from their Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram accounts and also from their local storage media, combine all these and store it safely. Later operations like searching, sorting, editing etc. can be done on these stored photographs.